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Inferences and Conjectures
The scientific paradigm of collecting and analyzing data has contributed considerably to advances in medicine, biology, and public health. The development of study designs and statistical methods for assessing the effect of a treatment or exposure on an outcome of interest has long been the object of intense research. The gradual increase in complexity of some of these methods has both expanded the potential of research and introduced barriers for non-expert users. The latter have in turn increased the risk of misinterpretation of results.
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September 7, 2016
Optimal probability weights for inference with constrained precision.
International Conference of the Royal Statistical Society, Manchester, UK

December 18, 2014
Why and how to separate inferences from conjectures
Stockholm Register Summit, Stockholm, Sweden

Unit of Biostatistics, Nobels väg 13, Karolinska Institutet, 17177 Stockholm, Sweden