CYP3A43 allele nomenclature

Allele Protein__ Nucleotide changes,
Effect Enzyme activity References_______
In_vivo In_vitro
CYP3A43*1A CYP3A43.1 None      Normal  Normal  Reference sequence NG_000004 
CYP3A43*1B CYP3A43.1 33518C>T       Cauffiez et al., 2004
CYP3A43*2A CYP3A43.2 8340A>del Frame shift     Cauffiez et al, 2004
CYP3A43*2B CYP3A43.2 8340A>del; 31867C>G Frame shift     Cauffiez et al, 2004
CYP3A43*3 CYP3A43.3 31867C>G P340A     Cauffiez et al, 2004

Changes made since the last update (27-Feb-2006) are marked in red.

Links to the NCBI dbSNP homepage are available for functional SNPs when present in NCBI's database.

Nucleotide variations in bold are the major SNPs/alterations responsible for the phenotype of the corresponding allele.

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